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12 Candidate Christmas Tips!

Are you a candidate looking for agency work and don’t know where to start? Here are 12 insider tips!

  1. Be adaptable and flexible
  2. Keep up to date with all training that can be done prior to starting work such as through
  3. Make yourself easy to reach if a recruiter gets in contact
  4. Clear and concise CV
  5. Prepare any questions you have about the role after reading the job description
  6. If you see a role advertised that you see fitting with your skills, don’t be afraid to directly contact the recruiter to discuss it before applying
  7. Follow the recruiter’s online activity and interact with their content to let them know you’re interested
  8. Aim to form relationships with recruitment staff so they can keep you in mind for future opportunities
  9. Be yourself
  10. Be honest about your experience to date and any part of the role that may be challenging
  11. Quality not quantity when it comes to applications
  12. Be aware of any requirements you have regarding your work



The OSS Team


12 candidates christmas tips