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Meet our Team!

Dan, our Recruitment Manager for our Labour & Trades Division

Our staff all have a story to tell of their working life and life outside OSS.  First up we meet Dan, our Recruitment Manager for our Labour & Trades Division.

Can you describe your current role – what’s your typical day to day? I deal with clients daily to fulfill their needs on getting their projects across the line as smooth and quickly as possible and to a high standard. My typical day to day is liaising with clients and candidates over labour needs and current roles.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned since you joined the recruitment industry? The biggest lesson I have learned since I have joined the recruitment industry is to not panic in times of stress and urgency. You may get a late requirement from a client to be filled in a short space of time, my advice would be not to panic. Do the best to you can with the situation given and the tools you have, if you panic you may send the wrong suited candidate and in the long run double the workload for yourself and upset your relationship with the client.

What’s the best advice you can give someone when entering this field? The best advice I could give someone entering the field of recruitment would be to always be organised, when you are organised you will not forget things, which is majorly important in recruitment. Being organised makes you become more efficient and you will find it easier to jump between tasks. I would also advise people starting recruitment to be like a sponge when it comes to the information needed to do well, listen carefully to jargon, and different sayings or phrases related to the sector you are recruiting for i.e. a chippy, 360, or shuttering carpenter.

What do you do on your downtime outside of work? In my downtime outside of work I train 5 nights a week in my local MMA gym, I train jiu-jitsu 3 times a week, wrestling 3 times and striking twice. I love training and it is a great stress relief after busy days at work. I compete regularly as it gives me motivation every time I go training I know I have a goal to constantly be working towards. When I am not training on the weekends, I enjoy going for long cycles to recover or sometimes when the weather is good to swim in the sea. I also enjoy trying out new restaurants and food spots that pop up around Ireland.

What’s good about working for OSS? The best thing about working for OSS is the opportunities you have to progress, it is an ideal work environment also to help the progression. There is no negative attitudes in the workplace and colleagues with like-minded can do attitudes help develop this. It is a very driven company and you immediately feel we are always looking to develop and work towards the next goal. The fast paced environment is one of the main attractions to OSS in my mind.  There is a strong sense of a team in OSS and this is essential for feeling valued, everyone in the workplace has their own role but colleagues pull together on a daily basis to achieve goals.

Would you like to join our team?  We are currently hiring Trainee Recruitment Consultants.  Find out more information on our Jobs page; Graduate-recruiter